ADVACOAT® Concrete Floor Coating Systems

System Description


ADVACOAT Full Broadcast Vinyl Paint Chip system offers a great looking floor for any area. Vinyl Paint Chips are uniquely formulated to absorb basecoat and topcoat resins. This chemical property facilitates the creation of durable coating systems that resist component delamination.

Using ADVACOATs Polyaspartic products will cut down your installation time to a single day. Compared with using the traditional epoxy and polyurethane coatings, a Polyaspartic vinyl broadcast floor will eliminate long downtime for customers, while providing better gloss retention and abrasion resistance.

System Description


1/16 Broadcast System is aesthetically pleasing and durable flooring option for commercial and industrial applications. Quartz sand is a pure crystalline silica or quartz aggregate with a state of the art ceramic color coating that is abrasion resistant and chemically inert.

Its high density and hardness can hold up to heavy traffic and abuse. When used in conjunction with ADVACOAT Polyaspartic coating materials, a seamless, highly abrasion and chemical resistant surface is created.

System Description


ADVACOAT Metallic Pigmented System offers a different and unique look, while providing easy maintenance. A special pearlescent metallic pigment is combined with Advacoat's Polyaspartic to create an exciting atmosphere for many different areas. Due to the nature of the metal pigments, this floor coating system will have a custom outcome that cannot be replicated.

System Description


ADVACOAT Two Coat Solid Color System is a basic option when presentation and performance are required . This system can be installed in a single day, allowing minimal downtime for clients. ADVACOAT concrete coating products create a tough and durable finish with excellent wear capabilities.

Advacoat polyaspartic coating products will create a UV stable and high gloss flooring finish. The two coat solid color flooring system is easy to clean and maintain, while providing excellent attributes that create a long lasting flooring solution.